Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

I just received the Art of Ratatouille as a father's day gift. Pixar books have become somewhat of a tradition on father's day (although I have to admit we skipped the Incredibles book because of the lack of drawings in it). One of the biggest surprises in previous years was the Art of Finding Nemo signed by John Lasseter.

This year I had mentioned that I didn't want to even look at the book until I had seen the movie, fearing that the story would be given away. But we surprised my five year old last night and took her to the sneak preview. What an amazing film! We can't wait to see it again!

Here is the beautiful wrapping paper from my gift by the talented Ginny:

It's Remy and Emile. Evidently, Emile now has angel wings. Don't worry. No spoiler there.

Hey Pixar, she's available for the next film and she will probably work for Mac & Cheese and some toys.